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The earth has provided us with many incredible resources to make our lives better. We at Ghiggeri Environmental believe in giving back to, that which has given us so much. We think the best way to show our appreciation is to re-create beautiful, functional native landscapes. Providing a home for our pollinators, who help insure food for our families, and species that keep everything in check. Everything and everyone has a purpose, and it is our responsibility to insure nature thrives, so may continue to thrive ourselves.

We can all do this by limiting our lawns and creating meadows. Planting trees to shade and keep the Earth cool. Installing understory to maintain our soils and bio-diversity. Providing the right plants in the right spot, to feed our native creatures. Enhancing wet lands to clean out water. Minimizing our impact, by maximizing our impact. Restore, conserve, preserve. 

Ghiggeri Environmental can help home owners and commercial properties through education, understanding and design. We are full service from design to implementation and management. 

Home landscape: as much as we encourage a native landscape for large areas, we understand that smaller areas, around the home, may want a more manicured landscape: Ghiggeri Environmental will help create a functional, landscape with a purpose: theme gardens, water gardens, formal and informal gardens, to edible landscapes providing the freshest food available. Plant to plate… it can’t get any fresher.

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